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These pieces were written for my second Computer Music Composition course.  These works were created using Digital Performer, M-Powered Pro Tools, Peak, Sound Hack, a Triton synth, and Kontakt.  Most focus around the style of "Concret."  This means they are composed of (a few) short audio samples that are filtered and processed to create a musical structure.  We also use a fair amount of MIDI.


Project 1: Free for all project (MIDI) (DP & Triton)


Project 2: Create a whole piece with one short melody from project one (MIDI) (DP & Triton)


Project 3: Accomplish a "process"; I roused mine, made it trip, and dance (MIDI) (DP & Triton)


Project 4: 10 second audio sample, can only use filtering, reverse, time scale, and pitch shift; I dropped a book, "ripped" a page from it, crumpled it, and threw it in the garbage (DP & Peak)


Project 5: Three 10 second long samples, all processing and filtering fair game; sawing, dog barking, concrete drill (DP, Peak, & Sound Hack)


Project 6: Three 10 second long samples, all processing and filtering fair game; Teddy Ruxpin page change, blowing over jar, chewing (M-Powered Pro Tools, Peak, & Sound Hack)


Project 7: Use Kontakt and DP to create "patches" [groups of sounds mapped to a MIDI keyboard]; blowing over glass jar, hitting the glass jar, drumstick on door, metal futon & windowsill (MIDI) (DP, Triton, & Kontakt)


Project 8: Final project free for all; conquered the Triton's disgusting default patch, noisy stabber; first half serious, second half silly Jingle Bells; re-used metal futon Kontakt patch (MIDI) (DP, Triton, & Kontakt)



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