Welcome to Brett Whitelaw's Web Site!

Hello, my name is Brett Whitelaw.  I am a junior in the University of Michigan's School of Music for Sound Engineering, and College of Engineering for Electrical Engineering.  This site is currently in operation to allow you the privilege of listening to and seeing some of my work.  So far this is what I have accomplished in two PAT (Performing Arts Technology) composition courses and the Digital Music Ensemble.  


To check out what I did in my first computer music class (PAT 201) click here.

To check out what I did in my second computer music class (PAT 221) click here.


This is me with my project at the Digital Music Ensemble show in the Winter semester of 2005.  Click here for more about Bodhi Tree in Eden?


For more information about the Digital Music Ensemble's presentation of Gypsy Pond Music VII (2005) click here.

E-mail:  bwhitela@umich.edu

**All material on this web site is not to be copied and sold.  All material was created at the University of Michigan School of Music **

Last Updated: 12/19/05