Welcome to Brett Whitelaw's Homepage!

Welcome to my website. My name is Brett Whitelaw and I am in my final semester in the University of Michigan's School of Music for Performing Arts Technology (Sound Engineering) and College of Engineering for Computer Engineering. This site is intended to showcase some of my past and present projects. This site, itself, is a living project. I started a site several years back, which was created using Microsoft Word (see it here). This site is being hand written in HTML with CSS. This is pretty basic at the present, but in time will hopefully feature more content with things like drop down menus, or perhaps a completely different navigation paradigm. If CSS doesn't seem to be satisfying my needs, or interest, I will probably start to learn JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, and/or Adobe Flash.

The navigation bar at the top contains links to pages that showcase work from specific classes. PAT 201 and PAT 221 were electronic music composition courses. PAT 480 was an advanced sound recording class. Bodhi Tree in Eden? was the installation I created for my first time in Digital Music Ensemble. Gypsy Pond VII was an entire class installation piece for Digital Music Ensemble.

I also have designed a personal website in Adobe Flash as a midterm assignment for my 'Multmedia and Interactivity' course. It paralles some of this site, and features some additional content. The website I designed can be found here.

I welcome any feedback about this site, just bear in mind that I am learning as I go. Feel free to email me at the link found on the bottom of all pages. Thanks for stopping by!

**All material on this web site is not to be copied and sold. All material was created at the University of Michigan School of Music **
E-mail Brett at: brett.whitelaw@me.com