Bohdi Tree in Eden?
(Digital Music Ensemble - Winter 2005)


The discussion of the similarities between the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden and the Buddhist Tree of Enlightenment served as inspiration for this piece. The main feeling was that the trees are the same, but acting in opposite directions.


The Janus style head is controlled by a microcontroller built with aid from Michael Rodemer. The torso, containing a speaker and a motor, built by Michael Rodemer, made its debut at Stephen Rush's opera, Stop Blaming Columbus! A "thank you" goes to Stephen for lending it for use in this installment.


The audio is of a Jewish Cantor and of original South Indian music.

Thank You's

Thank you's go to Michael Rodemer, Stephen Rush, and to my parents for donating material items and their time. Also, a thank you goes to the ensemble for their input and creating a great environment for ideation.

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